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Discover Your Potential With Personal Training Services by PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE, INC.

Our team of trainers are the most highly qualified and each have their own specialization to be matched with the particular needs of our clients. All of this is done with one purpose....TO INSURE YOU REACH YOUR GOALS.

When you work with Progressive Resistance, Inc. you get more than just a trainer to guide you through your workouts. Instead, you get a team specially assembled and tailored to your individual needs.

After understanding your goals, your fitness history, your current fitness level and your body type, Progressive Resistance will provide the following:





Joel Rabb

Whether your goal is to lose weight, run a marathon, develop a strong muscular frame or just to get into shape & improve your general health, my guidance and coaching will get you there. Fitness isn't a job for me - it's a passion.

Joel Rabb, Head Trainer
Progressive Resistance

Personal Training

Joel Rabb

Gym or in-home sessions.  

Have a totally new body
in 45 sessions!